Talent Bank

Warren Media & Co* has access to some of the country’s most recognisable personalities, extending across sport, business, lifestyle, and fashion. Pairing a personality with a brand or event is becoming even more powerful as social media continues to drive trends and traction.

We’ll help you land the right talent and squeeze it all into your campaign. We can help with event appearances, brand ambassadors, voice-overs and more.

Tell us who you want… there’s no-one we can’t get!

Here’s just a taste of the talent Warren Media & Co* can deliver:

Ray Warren 

(the voice of rugby league) has been a constant at Warren Media over the past 20 years, delivering outstanding results for clients such as Pain Away, Peter Wynn’s Score and Garlo’s Pies.

Just a taste… more coming soon

Mark Geyer OAM 

“MG” owns the West. With access to massive audiences, across television, radio and online, His recent TAB campaign was both brilliant in terms of creative and results. MG works!

Sam Kekovich

Think Australia Day, think Sam Kekovich… “The Lambassador” – you know it makes “cents”!