Press Release: We are selling coffee and or dinner with eligible BACHELORS and BACHELORETTES… it’s on!

Sydney, 9 January 2020 – You’d like to support WIRES, PORT MACQUARIE KOALA HOSPITAL and the AUSTRALIAN RED CROSS in this time of national disaster relief ? You like a pie that’s thin on pastry and BIG ON MEAT washed down with a great Australian cold gold courtesy of YOUNG HENRY’S? With every single cent going to our chosen charities, well it’s on!With a CUME Social Media influence of over 800 000 these names might be familiar and now your chance to join these Bachelors and Bachelorettes including Jackson Garlick (pictured below courtesy Instagram), Ciarran Stott, Jamie Doran, Elly Miles, Helena Sauzier, Vakoo Kauapirura, Jessica Brody, Emma Roche and Brittany Hockley (pictured below courtesy Instagram).

Organiser Jackson Garlick said it’s a chance to give back, “As a nation we are mourning the loss of Australian lives, livelihoods and Australian Wildlife, the losses estimated currently one billion and figures are just an estimate. If some of the pictures shared on social media don’t bring hardened grown men to tears then nothing on this earth will, it breaks my heart.”Garlick continued, ‘If I can do just a little to give back with the help of some profile friends then that’s what we’ll do. Dan Whitten is a family friend he’s donated The Robin Hood Hotel between 12pm and 3pm and every single cent spent over the bar or on food it’s all going to our supported causes at this time.

‘Mark Warren will be on hand to put us up for sale. It might be a coffee date maybe a dinner date. I guess the dollar value will dictate whether a coffee or dinner I’ll leave that to Mark he’s our charity auctioneer he’ll have some fun I’m sure!

For interviews with Jackson Garlick, email media@warrenmedia.com.au.


Event Details
Date: 11 January 2020 from 12:00 – 3:00pm
Venue: Robin Hood Hotel, 203 Bronte Rd, Waverley NSW 2024